How should we respond to the tradition of getting drunk on Purim?

It’s a tradition to get drunk at Purim. It’s also known that alcohol at university is basically part of the furniture. So what happens when you mix this festivity with students?  Does this create a great combination cocktail of students embracing the Purim story and having a religious experience? Or does it just become a meaningless shot of alcohol downed in a club with the excuse of drinking being a ‘tradition’?


just a meaningless shot?

While I think it’s become a ritual to drink on Purim, I think there’s more to see at the bottom of the cup. We must remember why this tradition has become so prominent in our culture. The answer being that we celebrate the Jews victory and their ability to stay true to their identity. Therefore maybe the idea of being drunk can be interpreted by being intoxicated with happiness, feeling proud of our identity, drunk on life. Perhaps at Purim, we don’t have to see any shots poured or mojitos mixed.

It goes without saying that being at university is a time where students have a chance to see what makes them so incredible and unique. Working at Jeneration has given me the opportunity to interact with students who want to express their true identity through Judaism, whether this be through social events or prayer. This Purim, I want to respond to the tradition of getting drunk by helping students embrace their individuality, celebrating their true identity. Therefore intoxication does not always need to leave a hangover in the morning.



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