JCrush(ed) – Tinder With a Sprinkle of Circumcision

The 21st century has transformed us into the selfie taking, Facebook stalking, flappy bird playing citizens that go by the name of ‘human beings’. However, there is NOTHING human about the list above – we’ve become a generation of robotic internet addicts where self-sufficiency has gone down the drain. With the new craze of Tinder, an app which instantly connects you with someone of your aesthetic pleasing in the area, even real dating has become antique. The population is getting lazier by the minute when now, all we need to find our husband or wife is a smart phone and a condom.

Recently, the world of Jewish dating has been transformed, following in the footsteps of Tinder. From Jdate (similar to match.com) to JCrush, (Tinder with a sprinkle of circumcision) we see a revolutionary app enter the hands of Mr Cohen and Miss Stienwitz soon to be match made. Tinder and JCrush ultimately have the same concept. Someone from nearby pops up on your iPhone and if you like their photoshopped six pack then swipe right to list them as a potential date. If they see your picture and swipe right- Mazeltov- you’ve been matched and now have the ability to talk and potentially meet up with your new lover.

I don’t really know what I make of it. The Jewish population in Britain is tiny anyway, so when I decided to explore this app, I was shocked by the amount of family friends I saw looking for love – (or lets be frank, a good time or a confidence boost. How naughty). It was bizarre looking at people who I had not seen for years since the crèche at synagogue suddenly appear on screen, plastered in make up with a cringey caption such as ‘100% kosher’. On the other hand, I suppose it’s quite endearing to see those around you grow up into meat slabs.

As a sceptical internet user who follows the laws of the cyber world I would be pretty nervous using Jcrush. I just can’t help but think that ‘David, age 22, loves devanning, tefillin and smoked salmon’ might turn out to be a bagel hating, mass murdering anti-Semite. I know I sound like someone who is stuck in the 60s, but meeting up with a stranger just doesn’t sound that appealing.

Plus I think these apps are making us lazy and breaking down the natural beauty of socialising. Real dating has gone to sleep. I almost think the words ‘hey, let me buy you a drink’ are being replaced with ‘hashtag’ and ‘lol’. It’s dating gone mad. Today it’s too easy to go out with someone- just pick up your phone, get matched and BOOM, tonight’s evening entertainment is sorted. Where is the chase? Where is the anticipation? Now seeing someone ask their crush out face to face is like going out with no trousers. It’s a rare entity which should be framed and put in a museum (or maybe Instagram. #classic).


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