NekNominate: Dangerous or Just a Good Laugh?

The first time a “NekNomination” appeared on my Facebook news feed, I thought someone had been nominated for an award for doing something heartwarming for society. This feeling was quickly punctured after I pressed play and realised that downing a pint of beer and vodka – often infused with a gruesome ingredient, such as dog food – doesn’t deserve any recognition. It doesn’t even merit a Facebook update.

The viral hit – a “game” in which one one downs a pint on camera before nominating others to carry on the challenge in the space of 24 hours – began in Australia. From downing pints in uni kitchens, to drinking 568.3 milliliters in the middle of the road, the boundaries are pushed further and further with every video. The location is significant, but just downing an ordinary pint won’t do. In each video, it seems as though more spirits and more ingredients are added to the drink. I suppose it’s almost like X Factor, just without the glamour, talent, or dignity. (So maybe it’s not a million miles from X Factor after all…)

NekNominate is a form of cyber peer pressure, because breaking the chain will, supposedly, break your dignity. Sorry Mr. BNOC, no “lad points” for you there. However, like all short-lived internet crazes, this chain is already rusting – and it’s time to break free from its shackles. Already, people have died after attempting to be a part of the Facebook commotion, and for this reason it must end. I suppose it can’t be worse than Manchester’s own ‘Tower Challenge’ but at least that isn’t always filmed and uploaded onto Facebook for everyone to see. I’m not saying the ‘Tower Challenge’ is healthier. If you want to attempt something that won’t leave you feeling like death in the morning, go eat a salad. You have 24 hours. Good luck.


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