Can Your Mum Surf?

No, I don’t mean surf and turf or whatever that cooking dish is. I highly believe that your mother (or father for that matter) is a good cook. No, i’m talking about the World Wide Web. You’re probably thinking that this seems a little outdated, seeing as we’ve had the internet now for as long as I could walk, but I really started to question whether everyone’s parents were Twitter and Facebook fanatics like my own.

Both my Mum and Dad use Facebook and Twitter. Even though they tell me it’s to keep up to date with current affairs, I see straight through this facade. They think it is the ultimate spying facility, and  believe that they have struck a goldmine of information about their darling offspring. Now this doesn’t actually bother me as I’m pretty open with my parents. I also know it is everyones guilty pleasure to use Facebook to browse other people’s profiles, but there are a few glitches to be found regarding my parents internet use.


I wondered if anyone else has ever phoned up their parents with very exciting news only to find out that they have already read about it on Twitter. Great, my exciting news of the day ruined. I suppose I can always talk about boring drivel such as the weather in Manchester despite London only being three hours away. I know what you’re thinking, why write everything about your life on Twitter?  Well my answer to this is that I am a 21st century being and I can’t keep anything private, and want the whole world to know about my life whether that be mundane or newsworthy. There. I said it #21stcenturyproblems. My Twitter addiction has actually calmed down due to exams, but let’s remember that exams are only temporary.

To be honest, my parents do not only use Twitter and Facebook as stalking implements. I think it is only sensible here to focus on my mum. Follow @Curlyloxxxxx if you want a great update on the Archers, Breaking Bad, health tips and of course my cat. Her tweets are filled with classic middle class statements fused with a bit of madness. Some of them never fail to amuse:


If for some reason I did want to start listening to the Archers, that dream died with this tweet. From this insightful snippet, it sounds like there is a 50 Shades of Grey vibe appearing. How it got past the BBC watershed, I will never know. Also, note the spelling of ‘you’ in this tweet. How hip.

Her retweets are just as good:


MUM! how inspirational! Are you telling me I should start sniffing cocaine and stop eating Crunchie bars? Your wish is my command.

To be fair, I love the fact that my mum can use the internet. Not only are her tweets hysterical, but she has actually mastered the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of technology. Now although I do have to tell her to stop shouting on Skype (because it is not magic) she genuinely understands the internet. When she uploads, she uploads with style (some of the time). I don’t have to go through the frustrating conversations which I have overheard from so many other contemporaries such as “yes Mum, there is a keyboard on the iphone” and “no Dad, Siri isn’t a real person”. To be honest, I’m happy to have parents who can ride the internet waves rather than drown in the World Wide Web’s infinite ocean.

I’m probably going to Tweet and Facebook this article to see if my parents will hunt it down with their internet powers. I wonder whether if it will get a like, a block or a report to Mr Zuckerberg.


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