Curly hair: Is there a kink in our media?

Most advertisements seem to truly believe that hair straighteners are the fairy God mother to their buyer-Cinderella. As soon as an authentic curl appears behind her straightened curtain, poor Cinderella is once again tied to the shackles of slave labor because no one will ever hire or tie the ‘knot’ with someone who has natural hair. As a member of the curly haired population, I just don’t see the logic in such advertising. So does this mean my curly hair immediately makes me an unsuccessful woman in the 21st century? Well, please excuse me as I must go and buy some hair straightening products pronto. Forget having a great CV or personality. Forget love, forget ambition forget happiness because curly hair comes with negative, birds nest-esque connotations.

In reality, I hope this is not the case. In fact, my locks are the key to my character. I’m defined by my hair; it makes me who I am. Without it, I am de humanised. It’s a shock to the majority of the young population to say that ‘I, Sophie Lipton do not own hair straighteners’. I’m not saying straight hair isn’t great. Of course, straight hair can be beautiful, but it does not define beauty, and ironing tongs will not make Prince Charming run faster with a wedding ring in hand. How do I know this? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t thrive from the ‘after-burn’ scent given off by hair straighteners, as well as the price that comes with it. After all, natural beauty is free.



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